OKD USB Type C to Serial Adapter


USBC To TTL Serial Adapter Programmer


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The OKD USB Type C to TTL CH340C Module USB to Serial Adapter
CH340C Chip Module
USB to TTL (Serial), USB to UART, USB to RS232
For Flashing or Programming many microprocessors or accessing UART via USBC.

Main Features

1. New original genuine CH340C chip, wide compatibility with multiple operating systems, plug and play on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. (There are optional drivers you can install from the WHC website for the CH340 series chipset)
2. High-quality and High-grade components and 2.54 pin headers
3. It has a power LED, along with a LED for both the TXD and RXD indicators.
4. Can outputs 3v3 and 5v from respective pins
5. Has 5v, 3v3, TX, RX, VCC, DTR, RTS, and GND pinouts for 2.54mm pin headers.
6. Features a USB Type C connector which does both data and power (5V).


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